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A gun charge conviction will change your life. You don’t have to fight alone.


Owning a legally registered firearm does not mean that an individual cannot face charges relating to firearm possession. For example, oftentimes registered gun owners will be arrested if they are found carrying a legal firearm in an illegal way. This usually occurs when the firearm is concealed from view or is loaded with ammunition, either on someone’s person or in their vehicle. While it is legal to store a concealable firearm in a vehicle, such as a handgun, you must obey certain rules in order to do so. The weapon has to be stored in the trunk of the car or in a container, both of which need to be locked. There are also specific regulations for carrying ammo; failure to follow these can also lead to charges.

Someone who cannot legally own a gun, such as a felon, will receive additional charges on top of the initial charge. An example would be someone carrying a stolen gun; he or she would be charged with a felony immediately, not to mention any other charges they had. Sam Geller has successfully defended clients facing firearms-related charges, including felonies as well as misdemeanors. Sam has succeeded in arguing search and seizures in similar cases, which led to good results. A successful defense in these cases will not necessarily result in avoidance of a conviction; sometimes it may mean reduced charges or time served. It would also be considered a success to get time in county jail rather than prison if you have prior convictions. This was seen in a recent case, where Sam had to defend a felon against a possession charge in San Francisco County. Instead of serving time in prison, the client served time in county jail; all thanks to Sam persuading the court to strike the defendant’s prior strike. 

Anyone who is facing charges related to firearms, including unlawful or negligent discharge, concealed weapon, felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of an illegal assault weapon, get in touch with Sam right away. Depending on the case, there may be defense options for you. For example, there are times when litigating and arguing a search and seizure is necessary. Transporting the weapon for a legal reason or knowing whether or not there is a firearm in your vehicle are other defensive routes that might need to be taken. Finding legal help is crucial, as most firearms charges can lead to enhanced sentences or prison time.

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