Geller Law can handle your criminal appeal in San Francisco, California. Being wrongly or unjustly convicted of a crime is a life changing event that you certainly don’t want to face. With a criminal conviction appeal, you have a second chance at the justice you seek.


Those convicted of a crime may file an appeal of the decision if they believe that there were legal mistakes and errors that may have caused the conviction. Was there evidence not admitted at the original trial? Were witnesses omitted from testifying? These examples are just some of many reasons why you might elect to file an appeal. With the help of Geller Law, you may be granted a new trial or may receive a reduced sentence based upon the new evidence that is presented.


When you file an appeal in San Francisco, California, you are making the request that a higher court review the case and the decision made in that case. The higher court will not re-hear testimony presented at the original trial, but they do have the grounds to decide if the Court judge hearing the case applied all law statutes in the correct manner.


Several steps must be completed in order to file an appeal. It is always in your best interest to have a lawyer assisting you in the process of filing an appeal. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, such as Samuel Geller, you’ll find that filing an appeal is far less stressful.

Those who wish to file an appeal of their court case must first file a Notice of Appeal with the county court clerk, at which time all parties are notified. There is a fee to file. An Opening Brief must then be presented within a set amount of time. The prosecutor has the right to file a Reply Brief in response to your statement. After each party has had opportunity to respond, there will be a court date for the oral argument to be heard. Next, a Court decision is made regarding the appeal.

All of this can become quite stressful, and if you are not an experienced legal expert, the chances of a successful appeal are slim. Geller Law is available to help you see success. Your life is on the line; make sure that you handle your criminal court matter and appeal the right way.

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Sam helped me with a dui case. He is personalable and professional. Sam helped me understand my rights and the laws. If you need a dui lawyer look no further than Sam Geller!

Gavin M.

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Not only is he a great guy but he is very knowledgable about the laws for CA. I moved from NYC and recently got a ticket in CA while driving – he helped calm my nerves and made me feel that I was in great hands. He has my endorsement.

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Sam is a great attorney!! I came to him when I got into some legal trouble and he immediately calmed me down and fought my case like it was his own. He’s always available and always told me what’s going on. I would recommend him to anyone!!

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One of the best defense lawyers you can find. When I called Sam with my issue he was super come and made me feel great and very convenient in him and what he does for people like me. After all said and done with short amount of time I had my case des missed . Thank you for you hard work Sam.

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Super fast at getting back to you! Super approachable and very knowledgeable. He helped answer all my questions dealing with contracts through my job. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice, especially if you want a quick response.

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Sam provided exactly the help I needed. He always kept an open line of communication and provided me with updates. My experience was as stress-free as I could’ve asked for thanks to his knowledge and ability, combined with his professional and courteous demeanor. If I were ever to need help again, I’d come straight to Sam.

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