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Sexual Assault Lawyer San Francisco: Expert Representation for Survivors

Looking for a sexual assault lawyer in San Francisco? Geller Law, PC offers legal support for survivors, aiming to get justice and compensation.


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Sexual assault is a significant issue in San Francisco, with numerous cases reported each year. The high prevalence of these incidents indicates the importance of solid legal representation for survivors. Having a knowledgeable sexual assault lawyer in San Francisco can be crucial in navigating the complexities of the justice system, ensuring that survivors’ voices are heard and their rights protected.

Geller Law, PC is dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault and abuse. We understand the unique challenges that sexual abuse survivors face and are committed to providing compassionate and effective legal representation. Our team of sexual abuse attorneys offer both legal and emotional support throughout the process.

If you or someone you know needs legal support, consider reaching out to a sex crimes lawyer to discuss your case as well as explore your options. Geller Law, PC is here to help survivors of sexual abuse by standing by your side and fighting for your rights with dedication and care.

Understanding Sexual Assault: Legal Definitions and Victims’ Rights

Sexual assault refers to any unwanted sexual touching or behavior that happens without the victim’s consent. In San Francisco and throughout California, sex crimes are taken very seriously, and there are specific laws in place to address these issues.

Under California law, particularly California Penal Code Section 243.4, sexual assault is defined as any touching of an intimate part of another person for the main purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse without the consent of the victim. This legal framework is designed to protect individuals from unwanted sexual acts and ensure that those who commit sex crimes are held accountable for their actions.

Survivors of sexual assault in California have several necessary rights. These include the right to keep their identity confidential, the right to receive medical care and counseling, and the right to be treated with dignity and respect throughout the legal process. Additionally, survivors have the right to seek a restraining order against their attacker and to receive support from victim assistance programs.

The San Francisco sexual harassment policy aims to provide comprehensive support and protection to those who have been sexually assaulted, addressing the broader California sexual abuse issues and offering a robust framework for their rights and recovery.

The Legal Process for Sexual Assault Cases

The sexual assault cases process is pretty straightforward. It’s essential for anybody who’s been sexually abused to understand how to go about such incidents:

Steps to Sexual Assault Cases

Reporting the Incident

Survivors begin by reporting the sexual assault to local law enforcement or a trusted authority figure in time. This initiates an investigation to gather evidence and interview witnesses, setting the legal process in motion.


Police collect evidence and interview the survivor, witnesses, and possibly the accused. The case is then forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review to determine if charges should be filed.

Filing Charges

The district attorney decides whether to file charges based on the evidence. If charges are filed, the case enters the court system, marking the transition from investigation to formal legal proceedings.


The accused is formally charged and enters a plea (guilty, not guilty, or no contest). Bail may be set, and future court dates are scheduled, officially starting the legal process.

Preliminary Hearings

Evidence is reviewed to determine if the case should proceed to trial. Both the prosecution and defense present evidence, and the judge decides if there is sufficient merit to continue.


The prosecution and defense present their cases, including witness testimonies and evidence then the jury determines if the accused is guilty or innocent depending on the evidence presented.


If found guilty, the judge determines the punishment based on the severity of the crime. This could include imprisonment, fines, or other penalties to hold the perpetrator accountable.

Seeking Compensation

Survivors can file a civil lawsuit against the accused to seek damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. The civil court assesses the case and determines appropriate compensation.

Throughout the process, survivors are entitled to support and protection, ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect. Getting a sexual assault attorney helps navigate the complexities of the legal system, securing justice and compensation for survivors.

The Importance of Timely Reporting and the Statute of Limitations in California

Timely reporting of sexual assault is crucial for preserving evidence and ensuring a solid case. Fresh evidence, such as physical injuries and witness accounts, is more reliable and can significantly impact the investigation and trial. Prompt reporting also allows law enforcement to act quickly, preventing further harm and potentially stopping the perpetrator from committing additional sexual misconduct.

In California, there’s a time frame for initiating legal proceedings. According to California Penal Code 802 PC, misdemeanor sexual assault cases must be filed within one year of the offense. For more serious offenses, California Penal Code 801.1 PC allows felony sexual assault cases to be filed within ten years of the offense or within one year of discovering the assault. This extended period acknowledges the time survivors might need to come forward due to trauma.

Aggravating Factors for Sexual Battery

Sexual battery is a serious crime that can become even more severe due to certain factors. These factors make the crime worse and can lead to harsher penalties.

Unlawful Restraint

Unlawful restraint happens when the attacker holds the victim against their will, using force or threats. This makes the sexual battery worse because it shows more control and intimidation over the victim.

Medically Institutionalized Victim

If the victim is in a hospital or nursing home and cannot leave due to their medical condition, the crime is more serious. These victims are very vulnerable and cannot defend themselves.

Victim Unaware of the Nature of the Act

The crime is also more severe if the victim does not know what is happening. This can happen if the victim is unconscious, asleep, or tricked into participating. When the victim cannot understand or consent, it highlights the abuse and exploitation involved.

Types of Compensation for Survivors

Survivors of sexual assault can receive different types of compensation to help them recover and move forward.

Medical Costs

Survivors can be compensated for any medical expenses related to the assault. This includes costs for emergency care, ongoing medical treatment, therapy, and any other healthcare needs resulting from the assault.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for suffering and pain covers the emotional and physical distress caused by the assault. This type of compensation acknowledges the trauma and its impact on the survivor’s quality of life.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are usually meant to punish the perpetrator and discourage the same behavior in the future. These damages go beyond actual costs and are awarded to make a strong statement against the wrongdoing.

Each compensation type aims to support survivors in their healing process and ensure they receive justice.

Importance of Experienced Legal Representation in Sexual Assault Cases

Handling a sexual assault case involves more than merely grasping the legal aspects. It demands experienced legal representation to effectively advocate for victims. Skilled lawyers bring:

  • In-depth Knowledge: Understanding the complexities of sexual assault laws and the nuances of each case.
  • Strategic Planning: Crafting a solid defense or prosecution strategy tailored to the specifics of the case.
  • Resource Access: Utilizing expert witnesses, investigators, and medical professionals to build a compelling case.

Studies show that victims with experienced lawyers have higher success rates in court. An experienced lawyer not only fights for justice but also provides the emotional support necessary during such a challenging time.

Why Choose Geller Law, PC for Your Sexual Assault Case?

When choosing a law firm for a sexual assault case, you need somebody who understands the process. At Geller Law, PC, we provide legal guidance to sexual assault survivors seeking justice.

We are proud to have won numerous high-profile cases with positive outcomes for our clients. Our tailored strategies have led to successful verdicts and settlements, particularly in complex evidence cases.

Client testimonials highlight our dedication and effectiveness. These stories reflect our commitment to standing by survivors every step of the way.

How Geller Law, PC Can Assist You

Geller Law, PC offers comprehensive services to support survivors of sexual assault. We start with a consultation to understand your story and explain your legal options. Following this, we prepare your case by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and developing a strong legal strategy, ensuring every detail is well handled.

If your case goes to trial, Geller Law, PC provides legal representation and advocates for you in court. Throughout the process, we understand every case is unique and ensure we go over it and gather all the information we need. If you’re looking for a sexual assault lawyer in Walnut Creek, we offer support because we know the emotional and physical toll of sexual assault.

Support and Resources for Survivors

Survivors of sexual assault in San Francisco can access various support services and resources.

Here are some of them:

  • SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone)– An organization dedicated to promoting services for all victims and ensuring accountability for all perpetrators.
  • Sexual Violence Resources – A comprehensive list by the California Attorney General featuring government agencies and organizations that provide information and support.
  • California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) – The leading state advocacy group supporting victims and prevention efforts, serving as a critical resource for education on sexual assault.
  • California Victim Compensation Program – A state program offering financial assistance to victims of violent crime, including sexual assault. Call (800) 777-9229
  • RAINN – A national sexual assault hotline providing free, confidential support for survivors 24/7. Contact: (800) 656-(4673)

More Contact Information:

By utilizing these resources, survivors can find the help they need to begin their journey toward recovery.

The Path to Recovery and Justice Starts Here

Seeking justice and recovery after a sexual assault is a challenging but crucial journey. In San Francisco, survivors have multiple options tailored to their unique needs. Criminal charges hold perpetrators accountable, potentially resulting in fines or jail time. Each step forward empowers survivors and brings them closer to justice.

At Geller Law, PC, we understand that every path looks different. Our commitment is to support you through each phase, ensuring your voice is heard and respected. We are dedicated to advocating for your rights.

Your journey to recovery and justice is essential. Reach out to us to begin this legal process.