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Felony Attorney San Francisco: Legal Defense Services

Looking for a trusted felony attorney in San Francisco? Discover how Geller Law, PC can defend your rights and guide you through complex legal challenges with experienced legal counsel.

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Facing a felony charge in San Francisco can significantly alter your life. The complex legal system and serious potential consequences require the expertise of a seasoned criminal defense attorney.

Felony offenses in the Bay Area, ranging from drug offenses to white-collar crimes, carry severe penalties that can impact individuals, their families, and their communities. At Geller Law, PC, we understand the seriousness of these charges and the long-term effects a felony conviction can have on your future.

With extensive knowledge in criminal defense law, Geller Law, PC has become a crucial ally for those navigating San Francisco’s judicial system. We handle various felony cases, ensuring that our clients’ rights are rigorously defended at every stage.

Understanding Felony Charges in San Francisco

A felony charge in San Francisco, as in all of California, is the most serious type of offense and comes with significant penalties, including imprisonment. According to California law, a felony is a crime that can result in a sentence of more than a year, potentially even life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Our experience with felony cases in the Bay Area shows that the consequences extend beyond prison time. Felony convictions often include:

  • Heavy fines
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Difficulty finding employment after release

Compared to misdemeanors, which typically result in less than one year in jail and have lighter penalties, felonies are much more severe.

In the Superior Court of California, judges must follow legal standards set by state and federal constitutions when making decisions in criminal cases. During a felony trial, defendants face a determined prosecution seeking a conviction. This makes the role of San Francisco criminal defense attorneys crucial; our expertise is essential to protect against unfair treatment in the criminal justice system.

For non-violent crimes, the approach may vary, especially under California’s “three strikes” law, which significantly increases sentences for repeat offenders who commit multiple serious or violent crimes. This highlights the high stakes involved in felony cases.

Felony charges are serious and require a detailed and strong defense strategy. In this challenging situation, we, as dedicated criminal defense lawyers, stand as your steadfast allies, ensuring your case is handled with precision and determination.

Defense Strategies for Felony Charges

A felony charge in San Francisco, as in all of California, is a serious matter requiring a strategic defense. Criminal defense attorneys play a critical role in determining the outcome of these complex cases.

At Geller Law, PC, we understand that the key to an effective defense often lies in a meticulous review of the evidence. We challenge the validity, legality, and integrity of the prosecution’s evidence, looking for any potential oversight or questionable aspects that could benefit our clients. Each piece of evidence is scrutinized carefully, as it can be crucial in building a strong defense.

When appropriate, we advocate for self-defense claims, ensuring the facts support that our client acted in response to an immediate threat. Additionally, we actively seek plea deals to reduce the severity of charges when it serves our clients’ best interests.

Our approach includes:

  • Thoroughly reviewing and challenging the prosecution’s evidence
  • Advocating for self-defense claims when applicable
  • Seeking plea deals to lessen charges when beneficial
  • Tailoring defense strategies to the unique circumstances of each case
  • Preparing rigorously for trials and working toward dismissals

Every case at Geller Law, PC, receives a personalized strategy that aligns with our clients’ objectives. We aim to not only defend but also effectively advocate for our clients throughout the legal process.

Our commitment to experienced representation is reflected in our tailored legal advice and strategic approach to each felony defense case. The complexities of felony defense are our daily navigation, and our professional dedication ensures that every client receives the best possible defense.

Types of Felony Cases Handled by Geller Law, PC

In the realm of criminal defense, a wide range of felony charges can severely impact one’s future. At Geller Law, PC, we expertly navigate this complex field, advocating for clients facing serious accusations. Our representation covers various categories of criminal law, reflecting our commitment to legal excellence and client advocacy.

Drug Crimes

Our attorneys meticulously analyze evidence to mount a robust defense in significant drug cases, challenging the prosecution’s evidence and strategies. Felony drug charges can include possession, trafficking, and manufacturing, which carry severe penalties.

Violent Felonies

We zealously defend against charges like murder, assault, and battery, ensuring every aspect of the case is thoroughly examined to present the full context and any mitigating factors. These charges are among the most serious and can result in long prison sentences or even life imprisonment.

White-Collar Crimes

We provide strategic defense for embezzlement, fraud, and other financial crimes, using a tactical approach to dissect the prosecution’s case and protect our clients from unwarranted consequences. Felony white-collar crimes can involve complex financial transactions and carry substantial fines and imprisonment.


Our legal team offers comprehensive defense strategies for DUI charges, focusing on protecting your rights and minimizing potential penalties. Felony DUI charges can arise from repeat offenses or incidents involving injury or death, leading to significant legal consequences.


We handle theft cases with precision, working to uncover any discrepancies in the prosecution’s case to defend our clients effectively. Felony theft charges can involve large amounts of property or repeat offenses, resulting in harsher sentences.

Domestic Violence

Our attorneys are experienced in defending against domestic violence charges, ensuring a thorough examination of all evidence and circumstances. Felony domestic violence charges can include severe physical harm or use of a weapon, leading to serious legal repercussions.

Sex Crimes

We approach sex crime defenses with sensitivity and rigor, challenging any evidence and protecting our clients’ reputations. Felony sex crimes can involve severe penalties, including long prison terms and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

At Geller Law, PC, every case commands a unique blueprint. Whether preparing for trial or working towards dismissing charges, our strategies are tailored to each case’s individual narrative, always guided by our client’s objectives. We combine a thorough understanding of San Francisco’s legal landscape with a dedication to personalized legal strategies, ensuring each client receives the focused attention they deserve.

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Choosing the right law firm for felony charges in the San Francisco Bay Area requires experience and a personalized defense strategy. At Geller Law, PC, we emphasize these aspects along with a strong track record to defend our clients with dedication and professionalism.

Geller Law, PC has built a strong reputation for handling serious felony cases across San Francisco County and nearby areas like Oakland, Alameda, and Redwood City. Our knowledgeable lawyers are known for their persistence and ethical standards.

Approach: Every case is unique. We tailor each defense strategy to our clients’ specific situations, working meticulously to protect their rights.

Track Record: Our success is recognized on platforms like Avvo and Yelp, and through accolades such as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars, highlighting our proficiency in criminal defense.

Selecting a skilled criminal defense attorney in San Francisco is crucial for navigating the justice system. The right attorney provides a strong defense and guides you through each stage of your case, potentially impacting the outcome and future repercussions.

If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s essential to understand the options for criminal record expungement and how it affects your future. While no attorney can guarantee outcomes, Geller Law, PC is dedicated to advocating for your rights and pursuing the best possible result.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, immediate and effective legal advice is crucial. Contact Geller Law, PC for a detailed case evaluation and to explore your defense options. For more information about our practice areas and how we can assist with your case, please reach out to us today.